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Boom Boom! Syrah Charles Smith 2007

The Boom Boom! 2007 Syrah from Charles Smith.

from Columbia Valley,Washington State.

Huge Black Berries, Currants and Bluberries

with a nice light buttery oak nuance.

rating 91/100

Price $15 Whole Foods in The Pearl, Portland, Oregon

Charles Smith Wines

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1 Comment on “Boom Boom! Syrah Charles Smith 2007”

  1. #1 Dave Hennessy
    on Jan 3rd, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    We discovered this wine by accident only last wek while having dinner in a local restaurant. It was so good I took my brother to the same restaurant for lunch the very next day and we ended up buying the last 6 bottles they had in stock. Boy did the New Year dinner go with a bang (Boom Boom!) especially as we had also bought up some Kung Foo Girl Riesling (Charles Smith). These are superbly made wines. You can taste the quality and finesse in the glass. The Reisling was so glugable with the spiced crab claw, prawn and sweet chilli cheese tartlet starters. Although the Boom Boom could easily match a good beef wellington, we found it did not in any way overpower our succulent slow roasted chicken. Plenty of fruit bang for your buck.

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