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Jade Mountain Syrah Video Wine Tasting Rating Review 2004

Tweet Jade Mountain Syrah Video Wine Tasting Rating Review It is rare that I “Hate a wine, but Jade Mountain, I hate your 2004 Syrah. It sucked!! ~ So far the 2004 Jade Mountain Syrah is the worst wine I have had this year. That’s saying something too because I have been reviewing a ton […]

Yellow Tail Shraz Video Tasting Rating Review 2008

Tweet Video Tasting Rating Review of the 2008 Yellow Tail Shiraz The 800 pound gorilla of the American wine market. Yellow Tail Shiraz for several years this wine alone was the #1 selling wine in the USA. So, if you are a serious wine drinker, You are saying right now, ” Wine Miser, No !!!!, […]

Boom Boom! Syrah Charles Smith 2007

Video tasting rating review of the Boom Boom! Syrah Charles Smith 2007

Lenore Syrah 2007 Corvidae Review & Rating

Tweet 2007 Lenore Syrah (Washington State) from OwenRoe’s Corvidae value label. Price $13 – Portland Oregon Pearl Whole Foods Super Ripe Plums and Buleberries with a sprinkling of Black Pepper. Big finish a wine behemoth! Not for those who value nuance. Rating 90/100 Leave a comment for the chance to win this Lady Gaga Poster. […]

Pepperwood Grove 2007 Syrah California Rating Review

Tweet Image via Wikipedia Uncorked a bottle of the”Value” wine Pepperwood Grove 2007 Syrah from California. Lodi sourced Syrah grapes. Verdict, potential there, I love lodi syrahs, zins and PS, but the corporate plonk influence outweighs the intrinsic goodness. EHHHH!!! rating 79 out 100. PASS Question, these guys (Don Sebastiani and sons) also make the […]