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Moscato D’Asti Vietti Piemonte Piedmont Di Asti Cascinetta 2010 Rating Tasting Review

Tweet Moscato di Asti ~ Tasting and rating review of the 2010 Moscato di Asti from Vietti – Cascinetta 2010 ~ The Moscato di Astis are getting some great press lately so I decided to try one. ~ From Vietti, a great Piedmont Producer. The 2010 Cacinetta Vietti. Notes – Nose – Peaches and Cinamon […]

Wine News – April 10, 2010- WineMiser

Tweet Wine News – April 10, 2010- WineMiser – In My Opinion, Your Opinion Sucks | Drink Nectar – Just be cool! – 2006 Oregon Pinot Noir – *Wine* of the Week – I loved 06 the Oregon Pinots – Tempranillo *wine* a flavorful bouquet | The Daily Collegian – I still love the Spanish […]

Onix Priorat Wine 2007 Video Wine Tasting Rating Review

Tweet Onix Priorat Wine 2007 Video Wine Tasting Rating Review I am a big fan of the wines of the Priorat (Spain). With the current economic troubles in Spain, the prices have started to fall for the excellent old vine Priorat wines. While the price for the Rhone CDP’s have held steady and increased on the Hype of […]

Wine News + The WineMiser’s thoughts – April 5, 2010

Tweet Image via Wikipedia – Billionaire’s RICO Suit Against Christie’s Alleges *Wine* Counterfeiting – Just the tip of the IceBerg when it comes to wine fraud – investdrinks (blog): En primeur: wonderful potential for *fraud* – Yes, A ton of People got ripped off on the futures. You give your money and get a promise. […]

What the WineMiser is reading – March 27, 2010

Tweet – Does Anyone Read *Wine* Blogs? : Inside IWM – What a stupid title. Of people read wine blogs, you are reading this aren’t you? – Now drink this: Israeli wines – Never had an Israeli wine, May look to review one soon. – Nukes and Nebbiolos: Atomic Testing Exposes *…* – The […]

What the WineMiser is Reading – March 22, 2010

Tweet – Tablas Creek Vineyard Blog: One from the Vaults: a September 1988 *…* – Tablas creek is MOST Overrated winery in Cali. Skip their wines. – Eat Well, Eat Cheap: Great Red Values from Portugal – Check out the Portugese reds for Great value. I agree – Napa Cabernet and Chocolate – Episode #579 […]

Rage Against The Dying Light!

Tweet WE ARE HERE TO LIVE !!!!! Just a reminder that we are not here to just muddle through. WE ARE HERE TO LIVE Do not go gentle into that good night, ~ Old age should burn and rave at close of day; ~ Rage, rage against the dying of the light. ~ Though wise […]

WineMiser Reads – March 15, 2010

Tweet Image via Wikipedia – *Wine* Spat: Some Wineries In The West Are Taking Issue With Being Reviewed – As much as Hedges has a point, Wine is so confusing to consumers that they demand points to give them a shorthand to decipher what is good. – Flawed as it is. – Drinking my way […]

Wine Miser Reads March 7 2010

Tweet – It's Time for Breakfast *Wine* – Wine at Breakfast, Hmmm, they may have hit on something there – Eisch “Breathable” wine glass | – Elizabeth Spencer Charter *Wine Club* – I agree Paso is making great wines, Get out of Napa if you Cali value, also look to Lodi. – The Wine […]

What to do with Bad Wine – Crappy Wine tips

Tweet If you like to try different wines, you inevitably, end up with some wines that are just too crappy to finish on their own. The Wine Miser has some tips for you: _______________________________________ #1 Make it a spritzer, add Sprite or 7 Up until the wine is palatable. ~ #2 make Sangria with it. […]