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What to do with Bad Wine – Crappy Wine tips

If you like to try different wines, you inevitably,
end up with some wines that are just too crappy
to finish on their own.

The Wine Miser has some tips for you:

#1 Make it a spritzer, add Sprite or 7 Up until
the wine is palatable.
#2 make Sangria with it. Add Lemon and Fruit
Juice to taste.

#3 Cook with it.

-Make Coq au Vin,

-Wine Vinegar,
– Risotto

-Poach with it.

With Corked wines- Those wines infected with
TCA 2-4-6 Tricloranisole or Brettanomyces.

Wine that smells of wet dog, is cloudy and rusty.

– Toss them or use with cooking.

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1 Comment on “What to do with Bad Wine – Crappy Wine tips”

  1. #1 Adam
    on Mar 21st, 2010 at 2:44 am

    There is more you can do with corked wines — if it’s TCA that’s the problem, it can be solved by placing the wine in a container with a sheet of plastic wrap! If you got it from a wine shop instead of, say, as a gift, you could also return it — then you get a free glass of horrible wine in addition to the standard bottle you get.

    I got this handy little trick from:

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