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Yellow Tail Shraz Video Tasting Rating Review 2008

Video Tasting Rating Review of the 2008 Yellow Tail Shiraz

Empty Wine Bottle

Empty Wine Bottle

The 800 pound gorilla of the American
wine market. Yellow Tail Shiraz for several
years this wine alone was the #1 selling
wine in the USA.

So, if you are a serious wine drinker,
You are saying right now, ” Wine Miser,
No !!!!, Don’t do it, Don’t drink the Kool
Aid !” – Sorry Charlie.

If you want to be real as wine critic,
you have to at least try what everyone
is drinking. So here we go, I take another
one for the Team.

2008 Yellow Tail Shiraz
13.5 % alcohol
Produced by casella Wines Australia
Imported by W.J. Deutsch and Sons
80 Jillion cases produced.
Now for the big question, Is this really wine?

Some have suggested that this wine was made

especially to appeal to the palates of novice

wine drinker. All tannins removed, high residual sugar,

massive vanilla oak chips added to the tanks.

The wine carefully, chemically, assembled from

massive stainless steel tanks. The “Budweiser” of wine.
So That’s the question should this be called a wine

or is it like the relationship of Sunny D to Orange Juice.

Sunny D can’t call itself “Orange Juice” they call it

“Orange Drink”.  So That’s my question to you, Is this

wine or “Wine Drink” ?

Oh, Wine Spectator gave the 06 Yellow Tail Shiraz 88 points

and they love the “Reserve” bottling , But that is them,

I want to know what you think.

Okay, on the tasting. – 2008 Yellow Tail Shiraz

Color – A bit lighter than most Aussie Shiraz
Smell – Vanilla, Allspice, Dark Fruits
Initial attack – Huge Vanilla
Mid-Palate – Super smooth Berry vanilla
Finish – lightly abrupt, does not linger


Big soft round medium bodied wine, flavors of :

Boysenberry, Vanilla, Allspice, and — smooth!


Wine Miser rating – 86 points- If you can get this for under $7, yes, not that bad of a choice

Purchased – February 2010

Price $7 Rite Aid in The Pearl (Portland)

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